About Brian Lacy and associates

Brian Lacy and Associates is a mosaic of veteran talent and fresh perspectives. With a collective experience that spans the full breadth and depth of the nonprofit world, our professionals are not just experts in fundraising and data services; they are passionate advocates for your mission. They understand the challenges and nuances of the philanthropic landscape, from higher education to healthcare and community charities. Each member brings a unique set of skills and insights, ensuring that we tailor solutions that resonate with the diverse needs of our clients, regardless of their size or budget.

Together, we're more than a team; we're your partners in change. Our people are at the forefront of blending innovative strategies with proven tactics to amplify your message and impact and exceed your fundraising goals. With our team's support, your mission is not just a vision; it becomes a tangible reality.

Eric Becher
Julie Bilings
Anthony Cernera
Sherry Fazio
Dr. Nadine Franz
Michelle Gardner
Tom Giddens
Trixieann Goldberg
Jonathan Gudema
Catherine Halkett
Ann House
Nikki Khurana-Baugh
Douglas Kleintop
Wendy Kobler
Eric Lane
Tony Lee
Marleen Livingstone
Andrea Morseburg
Amber Mullins
Chris Norman
Brieanna Quinn
Michael Rhodes
Allen Rosso
Richard Rumsey
Jeff Serrano
Michael Shippam
Meredith Terrian
Ken Turpen
Lori Woehrle

Who we've worked with...

Brian Lacy and Associates is grateful to have recently worked with more than 60 public and 85 private colleges and universities, 30 religious ministries, 25 independent schools, 15 healthcare institutions, 15 arts and social service organizations, as well as more than 100 other non-profits indirectly through eight important vendor partners.