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Brian Lacy & Associates

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Data Services

Brian Lacy and Associates helps nonprofit institutions keep up with the continuous movement of constituents and changes in all contact information.  BL&A allows clients to quickly achieve their goal of keeping their database up-to-date with the most accurate and cost effective collection of correction and enrichment services. 

Record Updating & Correction

Advanced Address Correction / NCOA Screenings / Phone Append / Cell Phone Append / Email Append

Data Enrichment

Date of Birth Append / Deceased Identification / Employment Information / Household Income / Home Value / Net Worth Indicator / Demographic Details

Data Testing

Advanced Address Correction / NCOA Screenings / Phone Append / Cell Phone Append / Email Append

How does it work?

Send Brian Lacy and Associates a list of alumni names with either employment information or an email address and constituent ids for the records you wish monitored.  BL&A will queue your rated prospects, donors or otherwise special constituents entering them into our powerful monitoring service.  We will validate your employment information through social media including LinkedIn and other source data and send a quarterly Excel file with both employment and title changes. We will also include your input constituent id numbers in the returned files to enable an easy upload back into your development database.

Employer Update

Brian Lacy and Associates is offering a powerful, new data updating solution.  Employer Update. Share a file of your alumni with us just one, and BL&A will professionally track these records for employer updates for a full twelve months.  25% will change their employer of their title and we’ll catch it for you and report all changes each quarter.  Staying current on changes for your targeted prospects or all donors with Employer Update from Brian Lacy and Associates is easy and affordable.

What’s in it for me?

You’ll save countless hours you would have spent manually queuing names into search engines.  Further, you’ll save additional  hours you would have then spent sifting through reams of mostly unchanged data. 

Finally, you’ll also save yourself the time needed to assign your constituent ids to the good matches you find so that you can get the data into your development system.  Let Employer Update do the work for you!

Prospect Identification

Brian Lacy and Associates’ US prospect identification services provide the most detailed and accurate philanthropic profiles in the industry. With our partners we provide rich gift, wealth and relationship information, allowing you to identify the capacity and inclination of your donors, prospects and other constituents and possible solicitation strategies. 

Whether you need an online service to look up information on individual records, a batch screening of all or a portion of the records within your database or a service to generate new fundraising prospects, BL&A can meet your needs.

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"CharityCan is working out well for our organization. We find the Integrated Search feature especially helpful because it makes researching so much more efficient having access to multiple sources in one location." Sheila Marie Larin, Senior Associate, Prospect Management & Research, Trillium Health Partners Foundation

"I began using CharityCAN more than a year ago upon recommendation from a highly-regarded industry colleague. The breadth of local and national data makes it a go-to resource that has proved invaluable in re-energizing the prospect research program at my organization. I also revel in the satisfaction of supporting a homegrown company that provides dedicated client service and asks for feedback throughout the year, not just at renewal time. CharityCAN is worth the investment!" Preeti Gill, Research Manager, Vancouver Foundation

"I wanted to extend my thanks to you for being a great business partner the last few years. I couldn’t have done my job or produce a lot of the work I was asked to do without CharityCAN." Joel Heitin, Former Research Analyst, National Health Organization

"I was first exposed to CharityCAN as a co-op student at the Richard Ivey School of Business in London, Ontario while I was completing my Masters degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Western Ontario. On the first day of my new job as a prospect researcher at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, Ontario, I immediately signed up for a CharityCAN subscription." Cristina Naccarato, Development Coordinator, Prospect Research & Strategy, Art Gallery of Ontario


Canadian Prospect Research

Brian Lacy and Associates Canadian prospect identification service offers in-depth information about Canada's 85,000 registered Charitable Organizations, Private Foundations, and Public Foundations.

This online service’s data sources also include Canadian Who's Who, Canadian Charitable Donation Records (NOZA Canada Data), ZoomInfo, Public Salary Disclosure - Ontario (Ontario Sunshine List), Charity Directors Canada, Corporate Directors Canada, and Federal Political Contributors.

See Data Source Details

Our Canadian research service help research and fundraisers alike find new prospects, set gift ask amounts, suggest solicitation strategies and more.

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Employment Appending

Brian Lacy and Associates accesses public LinkedIn records as well as Federal and State employment source to fill many of the gaps you might have for employer name, job title and other related fields within your development database.  We can also verify much of the existing employer information you already have.  

BL&A’s multiple search partners combine the newest of technologies to capture the most information and then live search team members compare the data against a secondary source like Google to verify the initial results.  For a small additional fee, BL&A can identify matching gift potentials helping to increase total annual support without increasing any burden felt by donors.

Matching Gift Services

The team at Brian Lacy and Associates has assisted more than a hundred non-profits raise more than $140 million in matching gift support.  We provide your non-profits like yours with everything they need to create and grow matching gift programs.  Every dollar counts, and matching gifts are free money that BL&A can help to find and collect. You have completed the heavy lifting of attracting donors and receiving donations, let us help you secure this additional funding.

Acquisition List Rental

Brian Lacy and Associates offers access to today’s leading consumer data compilers to quickly propel your donor and constituent prospecting campaigns. Our list rental services expand your marketable universe with the most current and accurate data available. Find new prospects through a comprehensive selection of demographic, lifestyle, and psychographic data attributes that when combined, create a customized list for each of our clients.

While age and income play a significant role in prospect segmentation, additional data can be beneficial such as:  Net Worth, Home Value/Home Equity, Presence of Children, Donor Propensity, and Donor Selects.

Who we've worked with...

Brian Lacy and Associates is grateful to have recently worked with more than 60 public and 85 private colleges and universities, 30 religious ministries, 25 independent schools, 15 healthcare institutions, 15 arts and social service organizations, as well as more than 100 other non-profits indirectly through eight important vendor partners.